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New album

The year of the monkey

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The Wheels is a young psychedelic pop band from a small Mediterranean island. Their first album 'Born To Fly' garned unanimous acclaim from the media. Their next album 'The Year Of The Monkey' was produced by the renowned Paco Loco who has already claimed the band as one of his favourites and sees an extremely promising future for them. Packed with hypnotizing melodies and atmosphere their songs manifest their creative songwriting. They bring a nostalgic flash of sounds of the 60s but with a fresh energy that encapsulates the new wave of psychedelia


Guille W, Vocals & Guitar   /   Rick Sena,  Guitar   /   Andrés Alcover,  Bass   /   Tomi Gun, Drums
Joanic & Toni Sanchez, Keyboards and Synths


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Single of the album "The Year of the Monkey"
( Out on January 27th )


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